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Minors -  Solinsky Eye Care Pirates 9 -  Construction Solutions Group, LLC Mets 4                  

The Pirates held off a late game come back by the Mets to win the regular season finale. The Pirates were led with strong battery of Joel Harris, Julio Cogen, Anthony Mckeown (pitching) with Anderson Mcmullon, Aiden Scully, and Nick Tomasiewicz (catching). Dominic Roussos and Jimmy Malone each had two hits. For the Mets, James Varellas had a great game in the infield especially catching at first base. Jacob Giuliano also had a great game fielding especially including a pop fly catch at second base. Aidan Bailey was a solid closing pitcher for with 3 strikeouts in the last two innings.
AAA - Rosenberg Orthodontics 8 Primary Eye Care 6
The Rosenberg Orthodontics Marlins defeated the Primary Eye Care, PC Pirates 8-6 in a thrilling 9 inning game.  The game featured great pitching efforts on both sides as well as some great defense.  Both teams combined for 36 strikeouts, 21 by Pirate pitchers.  
The game was tied at 3 after 2 innings and stayed that way until Neil Hoskins hit a 2-RBI single in the 7th inning.  The Pirates would not go away quietly as the tied the game in the 7th as well as the 8th and threatened to tied once again in the 9th.  
The Marlins Game MVP was Nate Simmons, who battled nausea throughout the game to consistently spark his team offensively and defensively.  Nate went 3-4 with 2 runs scored and secured the last out on a pop fly with the tying run on second to end the game.  
The Pirates offense was led by Sam Haubrich, who had two outfield blasts, and a crucial RBI, as well as Seth Skuba who scorched a double into the outfield.
Minors - Solinsky Eye Care Pirates 9 -  Watkinson Orioles 8         
The Pirates won with a walk-off single by Charlie Campbell to score Aiden Scully in the bottom of the sixth. The Pirates received strong pitching by Dominic Roussos and David Cohen. Julio Cogen and David Cohen also provided timely hitting to help with the come from behind win. Leading the way for the Watkinson Orioles was Ryan Heuer with 3 hits and Joe Sabia with 2 hits. 


Minors - Miale Team Royals 8 Pediatric Dermatology of New England 6.

In a very well played game, the Miale Team Royals edged the Pediatric Dermatology Phillies 8-6 on a lovely night for baseball at Sedgwick Field.  The Royals were led by strong pitching from Reid Buchanan, Tighe Johnston, and Calvin Cianflone, with an exceptional effort by closer Dario Bergantino.  The Royals' offensive attack was led by Ben Gwiazdoski (3-3) and Cianflone (a pair of doubles), with key hits also coming from Matthew Stoner, Daniel Geary, and Johnston.  The Phillies' defense was led by Jordan Frankel (with a nice assist from SS to 1B) and Jordan Baith (with a nice catch in left field).  Phillies' pitcher Tommy Cote threw two solid innings and Jordan Delaney had two hits and showed great hustle.


AAA Effie's Place Twins 14 AAA Morrow Realty Angels 11

On Memorial Day 2015 the AAA Effie's Place Twins and AAA Morrow Realty Angels squared off at Uconn in a rematch from their game played earlier this month.  With the score 11-1 Twins by the second inning, this was looking to be a long afternoon for the Angels until the Angels came back with five of their own runs in the 3rd to make it 11-6.  The game remained close from that point on with the Twins maintaining a slight lead and eventually going on to win 14-11 for their second straight win to even their record at 5-5 on the season.

The Angels had strong pitching from Henry Schlatter and Lucas Pyrro.  Although the Twins scored a lot of runs early and ran well on the bases, the Angels showed off some of their great defense by allowing only 3 or 4 Twins batters to the plate in two different innings.  Angels pitching combined for 8ks on the afternoon.  Reid Morrow did another fine job behind the plate for the visiting Angels.  On the offensive side, the Angels got solid hitting from John Kumpa who had a triple in the first inning.  Kumpa also reached first base late in the game and came around to score.  Bhajan Deshpande had a pair of singles and two runs scored.  Patrick Kinney had a pair of singles and two runs scored.  Harrison Arcand had a big triple and came around to score.  Lucas Pyrro had a pair of singles and scored a run.  Nathan Moyer had a single and a run scored.  

The Angels had Pyrro on the mound and Kumpa behind the plate late in the game for the Angels; one of the best pitching/catching combinations AAA has seen in quite some time.

On the other side, the Twins got tremendous pitching from one of their aces, Quinn Navin, who pitched two innings, struck out two and only allowed one run.  Navin made an incredible play on a hard ground ball hit back to the mound in the top of the 2nd inning.  Brendan Panarella made his pitching debut and did very well finding the strike zone through 2/3s of an inning.  Henry O'Connor and Seamus Culligan pitched the last 3 1/3 innings and combined for five Ks, allowing only two runs to help move the Twins to .500 on the season.  Jacob Giangreco caught three solid innings behind the plate for the Twins and played great.  Henry O'Connor and Seamus Culligan combined for the last three innings behind the plate and played great also.  Henry O'Connor threw out a runner attempting to steal 2nd base in the top of the 5th inning by throwing a laser down to Quinn Navin as SS to easily tag the Angels Elliott Steinberg out.

On the offensive side, the Twins continue to manufacture runs off of good hitting and heads up base running.  Quinn Navin had a pair of singles, a walk and three runs scored.  William Patchen, coming off a 4-4 night from his previous game, registered two walks and scored both times.  Jacob Giangreco had a single, walk and two runs scored.  Ryan Norcia, who has recently seen his bat come alive, hit a big double in the bottom of the 2nd inning.  Ethan Campbell had a pair of walks and two runs scored.  Seamus Culligan had a pair of walks and two runs scored.  Henry O'Connor had a pair of singles and a run scored.  Max Riker was hitless, but his towering foul ball to left field left Twins fans feeling confident his bat will come alive Thursday night vs. the Cardinals.  Brendan Panarella had a walk and run scored.  Jadon Johanson had a single, walk and run scored, and George Verner had a pair of walks and two runs scored.  This was a total team effort and team win for the Twins who walked away with a big win over a very talented Angels team.

The Twins want to thank their fans as well as the Angels players, coaches and fans for a fun game with lots of great play.

Majors - Qdoba Mexican Grill Pirates 4 Big Sky Fitness Braves 3

Pirates: Ben Brockway, HR, triple, single; Carter O’Keefe, 3 singles; Cole Kocienda, double; Ben Larkin, single.

Braves: Spencer Wimpe, 2 singles; Brian Puleo, 2 singles, Alex Ciafone, 2 singles; Sam Casey, single.


Majors- Key Hyundai Cardinals 14 Bartaco Twins 11

The spitfire Cardinals erased a 10 run deficit and then hung on to defeat the Twins on a beautiful Saturday morning at Uconn.  Offensively for the Cardinals, James McPhee had a hit and a run, Owen McGrath and Noah Behrens-Gould each added a hit, run, and a RBI, Brady Dulitsky reached base twice and scored a run, Luis Vargas hit a hit, scored 2 runs plus a RBI, Michael Weiss went 2 for 2 scoring 2 runs, and Lorenzo Garcia went 3 for 3 scoring 3 runs.  On the mound, Brady Dulitsky, Charles Trunik, James McPhee, and Michael Weiss pitched 5 2/3 innings giving up only 3 runs.  The Cards made many solid plays on defense including Chris Dowd and Luis Vargas.

Highlights for the Twins included Greg olechna (2-3, triple, 2 RBI, run), Brendan Marshall (1-3, 3 RBI) and 9 out of 10 Twins scoring at least 1 run. 
Noah - 1 for 4, R, RBI
Owen - 1 for 3, R, RBI
Brady - 1 for 2, BB, R
Luis - 1 for 2, 2R, RBI
James - 1 for 3, R
Lorenzo - 3 for 3, 3R
Michael - 2 for 2, 2R
Brady, James, Noah,Charles, Michael -- Noah gave up 8R, so all others combined to do well


Minors Mets Win 13-12 at Royals

For the Mets:

Mason Pia had a solid glove in the field backing each play up and making the play at first base.  Noah Macko had a solid game with great hitting and plays at second base.  Lastly, Aidan Bailey had a great game hitting a triple and closing the game with pitching 3 strikeouts.
For the Royals:
Ryan Miale flashed the leather with good catches at first and third.  Reid Buchanan had a big line drive hit to keep a late-inning rally alive.  Tighe Johnston had a couple of big hits and played well in the field, while Ben Gwiazdoski hit the ball hard all day.  Finally, Calvin Cianflone sweated it out and gave it his all at the catcher position.


AAA Effie's Place Twins 15 TopsPC Braves 12.

On Thursday, May 21st, The AAA TopsPC Braves and AAA Effie's Place Twins, a pair of teams at 3-5 squared off for the second time this spring season.  A couple of quality pitchers from each side faced each other in what would turn out to be a great rematch of two very competitive ball clubs.  The Braves sent Stephen 'the blur' Mack to the mound to start the game, while the Twins sent one of their aces, Jadon Johanson, to the hill.  Both pitchers found the strike zone often keeping the game close after two innings.  With the score 5-2 Twins after two innings, the visiting Twins added three more in the top of the 3rd only to have their 8-2 lead cut to 8-5 in the bottom of the third with the Braves making good decisions at the plate and on the basepaths.  The Twins opened it up more in the top of the 4th with four more runs to extend their lead to 12-5, yet the Braves, still disappointed in their early season loss to the Twins, roared back with 3 more runs of their own to close the gap to 12-8.  The Braves only allowed four twins batters to come up in the top of the 5th allowing no runs and added one of their own in the bottom of the 5th to narrow the Twins lead by three at 12-9.  In their final ups in the top of the 6th, the Twins got a double from William Patchen and two singles off the bats of Ryan Norcia and Walker Avery leading to 3 more runs to extend the Twins lead to 15-9 heading into the bottom of the 6th.  The never say die Braves pushed hard for the home win, but could only come up with 3 resulting in a 15-12 Twins victory.


Stephen “The Blur” Mack started for the Braves and pitched well, and also had 4 hits, including a big double with and a game total of 4 RBIs.  Johnny Gedicks played like Brooks Robinson at third and made 3 fine plays.  Benny “Big Dog” Hall pitched well, and Brian Hernandez caught a good game while also making his pitching debut. Brody Dupont had a hit and made a nice play at 2B.  Joel Harris got called up from the Minors to help out the Braves and played good defense and scored a run while big brother Ethan played trumpet at the Bushnell.  Braves pitching combined for 7Ks against Twins hitters.


On the Twins side, Jadon Johanson and Jacob Giangreco pitched a total of four solid innings and had a combined 4Ks.  Ryan Norcia pitched 1 2/3s innings and had 2Ks.  Quinn 'the complete package' Navin came in on the mound for the Twins to get the final out of the game by strikeout.  Jacob Giangreco, Quinn Navin and Seamus Culligan all played well behind the plate for the Twins.  Max Riker of the Twins made a nice catch on a high fly ball to left field.


For the Twins, William Patchen went 4-4 with a triple, two doubles, single, walk and three runs scored.  Quinn Navin reached base three times on a single and two walks and scored three times.  Ryan Norcia had a pair of singles and two runs scored.  Walker Avery had a single, walk and two runs scored.  George Verner reached base twice on a HBP and walk and scored a run.  Seamus Culligan went 3-4 with a double, two singles, and a run scored.  Ethan Campbell reached base three times with two walks and a single and run scored.


The Twins want to thank the Braves players, coaches and fans as well as their own fans for a fun filled game with a good amount of sportsmanship.


Minor's - Watkinson Orioles 12  vs Keller Williams Royals  7

In a well played baseball game, with some great defense and pitching the Orioles were lead by Ryan Heuer, Teddy Braiewa, and Joe Sabia all pitching some strong innings. Leading the way on offense was Bryce Blodgett with 2 hits and Joe Sabia with 3 hits including a bases loaded double. The Royals were lead by Daniel Geary and Dario Bergantino both threw strong innings on the mound. Good contact hitting by Gavin Barbagallo and solid hitting by Geary and Calvin Cianflone.


Majors - Qdoba Mexican Grill Pirates 8 Key Hyundai Cardinals 7

Pirates: Joey LeMieux 3 singles; Ben Brockway RBI double; Tommy Panarella single; Cole Kocienda 2 singles.

Cardinals: Luis Vargas 2 doubles; Brady Dulitsky, double, 2 singles; Chris Maglio 3 singles.


Minors - Village Vitality Tigers 22 Pirates 16

For the Tigers, Jack O'Neil lead the offense with 3 hits including a Grand Slam.  Niko Vega, Gabriel Sisk, and Ari Schuyler also had a couple of big hits for the Tigers.  Jacob Ciccone and Shai Sabinsky pitched well for the Tigers, and Riley Fox and Jackson Bracken both made great defensive plays in the field.  Strong effort by several Pirates who made their pitching debuts: Julio Cogen, Anderson Macullom, and Nick Tomasiewicz. Dominic Roussos provided steady defensive play. Paul Glotzer and Anderson MaCullom had extra base hits as part of the offensive surge.


AAA - Primary Eye Care Pirates 10 Morrow Realty LLC Angels 8

On a deceptively cool night at Solomon Schecter, the Pirates edged the Angels 10-8 as both team displayed solid pitching, aggressive base running and timely hitting.

The Pirates would strike first, scoring 4 times in the bottom of the 1st, led by Mason Arsenault (2 hits, 2 runs) and Kevin Brown (2 hits, run).  The Angels would fight back and make it 4-3, thanks in large part to speed demons John Kumpa (hit, 2 runs) and Lucas Pyrro (hit, run).  The Pirates roared right back with 4 more runs on consecutive doubles from Ana Haubrich (2 hits, 2 runs) and Connor Lafferty (2 doubles, 2 runs) followed by a booming Kyle Barnum inside-the-park home run.  The never give up Angels battled back to close the gap, led by Reid Morrow (walk, run), but the Pirates held on for the win.

Kyle Barnum (4IP, 9K) started on the hill for the Pirates and allowed only 3 runs over 4 innings.  Seth Skuba (IP, 3K) would close the game by striking out the side in the 6th.  For the Angels, Lucas Pyrro was dealing, throwing 4 innings and fanning 9, including one astounding 10 pitch inning where he struck out the side.

Defensively this game saw its share of leather, as the Pirates were paced by their catchers, as Connor Lafferty pounced on a dribbler in front of the plate and completed the throw to first for the out, and Kevin Brown alertly tagged a runner out on a delayed steal attempt of home.  The Angels saw Henry Schlatter with a great grab of a fly ball to center field, while Patric Kinney (popup grab) and Nate Moyer (flawless play on a grounder) both stood out at short stop.


Minors: Harry’s Bishops Corner Rangers 19 vs.  Construction Solutions Group, LLC Mets 12

In a back and forth game, the Rangers topped the Mets behind pitchers Charlie Winokur, Ari Sobel-Pressman, and Jason Pervere. With a runner on first in the third inning, 1B Rayyan Haider and 2B Colby Yingling turned a 3-3-4 double play. Charles Croce and Christian Roche led the Rangers' offense. For the Mets, Connor Schieding did a good job catching, and Josh Orsey was solid at the plate with both hits and walks. Noah Macko continued to provide good pitching late in the game.


Majors- Key Hyundai Cardinals 16 Wyllys St. John's Lodge #4 A's 10


The Key Hyundai Cardinals got plenty of offense as Owen McGrath went 3 for 5 with 2 runs, Chris Dowd reached base 3 times scoring 2 runs, Michael Weiss went 2 for 4 with a RBI, Luis Vargas went 2 for 5 with 3 runs and 3 RBI, Brady Dulitsky went 2 for 3 with 3 runs, James McPhee went 3 for 4 with 2 runs and 2 RBI, and Chris Maglio went 3 for 4 with a triple and 3 runs.  On the mound for the Cardinals Michael Weiss, Chris Dowd, James McPhee and Luis Vargas kept the A's guessing.  The Cardinals made impressive plays in the field.  Catcher Brady Dulitsky threw out a would be stealer at 2B with SS Luis Vargas assisting in a beautiful backhand sweep tag.  3B Noah Behrens-Gould made a tough pop up look easy.  Owen McGrath snatched a hot shot at 2B for a putout at 1st.  Down to 2 outfielders late in the game, Chris Dowd made a tremendous running catch robbing the A's hitter of extra bases.  An special shout out goes to AAA call-up Seamus Culligan as he reached base twice, scored a run, and played solid IF and OF.  There were lots of contributions across the A's Roster including solid pitching from Kyle, Abe and Aaron, excellent fielding plays by Eddie, Evan, and Petro, and some liners to the gaps by Oliver, Aaron and Nick (including a blast over the fence).


RookieA hot game for our Rookies, but the team took its first cuts off some coach pitches today, with everyone trying a turn.  Evan Riddle got the ball past the defense on both occasions, adding to an impressive season of hitting.  Caitlyn Nadeau played first base again for the Giants and stopped a few hits coming her way, and even worked in an out at the bag.  Zachary Orsey, the designated Giants utility infielder, flashed some leather up the middle, with a timely throw to the plate.  The Giants would like to thank the older siblings that helped out with practice and during the game!


Majors - â€‹Qdoba Mexican Grill Rangers 11 Corner Pug Phillies 2

Rangers: Joey LeMieux, triple, single; Carter O’Keefe, triple; Jack Kuhnly, 2 singles; Andrew Messina, single.

Phillies: Dylan Jackson, double, single; Michael Greco, double; Aidan D., single. 


Majors - Qdoba Mexican Grill Rangers 15 Perfect Promotion White Sox 9

Rangers: Joey Lemiux, double, 2 singles; Juston Albee, double, single; Carter O’Keefe, 3 singles; Cole Kocienda, single, 2 BB.

White Sox: Sean Guevara HR, double; Drew Taylor 3-3; James Renda, 2 singles; Matt N., 2 singles.


Majors - Qdoba Mexican Grill Rangers 9 CT Shower & Bath Dodgers 7

Rangers: Joey LeMieux, triple, double, single; Cole Kocienda, 2 doubles; Andrew Messina, double; Carter O’Keefe 3 singles. 

Dodgers: Conlan Wilson, triple, 2 singles; Jack Cote, 3 singles; Charlie Sullivan, double, single.


AAA -Primary Eye Care Pirates 16 Butler, Norris and Gold A’s  7

It was standing room only at UCONN on Sunday as the A’s and Pirates battled for the second time this year, with the Pirates staging a comeback to win 16-7.

The A’s would jump out to an early 1-0 lead behind Kieran Marshall (2 hits, 2 runs), but the Pirates would strike back in the bottom of the first on inside-the-park homers from Mason Arsenault (3 hits, 3 runs, 3 RBI) and Connor Lafferty (2 hits, 2 runs).  The A’s would build a 6-2 lead heading to the 4th behind the strong hitting of Jack Gold (2 hits, run), Carter Morton (hit, run) and Adam Merritt (hit, run), but the Pirates would then erupt for 13 runs in the 4th and 5th, led by Jeff Rosborg (2 hits, 2 runs), Seth Skuba (2 hits, 2 runs) and Kyle Barnum (2 hits, 2 runs).

On the mound, the Pirates three-headed monster of Kevin Brown (2 1/3, 2K), Connor Lafferty (1 2/3, 3K) and Justin Dinowitz (2IP, 3K) combined to slow the powerful A’s offense, while the Athletics Carter Morton dealt into the 4th inning.

On the defensive side, this game had a litany of web gem nominees.  For the A’s, Eli Rotter made a grab of a hard struck fly ball in right field, and the infield collectively accounted for 7 outs in the game.  For the Pirates, Seth Skuba and Kyle Barnum converted grounders to short, Jeff Rosborg made an impressive play from 2nd and the Haubrich School of Fielding is paying off, as Ana made a great play from 3rd, and Sam made a running catch of a fly ball in center.


AAA - Rosenberg Orthodontics Marlins 23 - Effie's Place Twins 13

The Rosenberg Orthodontics Marlins and Effie's Place Twins lit up the scoreboard Sunday evening in a game that the Marlins eventually won out 23-13.  Of the 24 players who played in the game, all except one scored at least one run in the game led by Marlins Lucas Chmela and Anthony Heller, who scored 4 times each in the game.  The Marlins duo of Nate Simmons and Nathaniel Aronson had some really solid hits and flashed some leather out in the field.  Benny Lemieux added a double and a triple with 3 RBI to add to the Marlins cause.
The Twins had great pitching contributions from seven different pitchers, including Walker Avery, William Patchen, Quinn Navin, Max Riker, George Verner, Spelman Henry, and Ryan Norcia. Seamus Culligan and Spelman Henry, and Quinn Navin each had two singles.


Minors - Moe's Southwest Grill Twins - 13  Village Vitality Tigers - 7
Outstanding pitching performances by Joelson Krulewitz, Copeland Schlatter, Sean Scully and Blake Neumann highlighted the Twins defensive efforts. Nira Kessler's line drive RBI also gave the Twins a boost on offense. Ari Schuyler and Schneur Ostrozynski pitched well for the TIgers, and Jack O'Neill paced the offense adding three hits including a home run.
Minors - Solinsky Eye Care Pirates 9 -  The Miale Team @ Keller Williams Royals 8         
The Pirates withheld a late game rally by the Royals to earn the win. The Pirates received strong pitching by Charlie Campbell and Jimmy Malone. Paul Glotzer and Charlie Campbell had extra-base hits. Joel Harris and Aiden Scully each scored two runs for the Pirates. Dominic Roussos pitched the last inning to earn the save. The Royals had extra base hits from Tighe Johnston, Matthew Stoner, and Calvin Cianflone. The Royals also had timely hitting from Tarik Fermin and solid pitching from Dario Bergantino and Tighe Johnston.


Majors - Bartaco Twins  19    Wyllys St. John's Lodge #4 A's  10

Paul Verner  (3-4, 3 runs scored),  Brendan Marshall (4-5, 2 runs scored, 3 RBI), Connor  Olechna (3-4, 3 runs scored, 5 RBI) and Josh Castro led a balanced offensive attack on Sunday at Uconn field.  The Twins also got timely hitting from Sean Zeman (2-2, RBI, 2 runs scored) and Jason Bruzon (2-4, 3 RBI).  The Twins racked up 20 hits against solid pitching from the A's on Sunday.  Twins pitching limited the A's to 11 hits on the afternoon and combined to strike out 7 working the strike zone at  high rate delivering 76 strikes on 104 pitches. The A's had 4 players with 2 hits or more with Aaron G. (3-4, 2B, run), Petro M. (2-3, run ), Nick U. (2-2, run, RBI) and Max R. (2-3, run, 2 RBI). 

AAA: Primary Eye Care Center Pirates 7 Tops, PC Braves 2

On a gorgeous night for baseball at a capacity-filled Solomon Schecter, the Pirates edged the Braves in a 90 minute baseball game that featured great pitching, timely hitting and solid defensive work by both sides.

The game was a tight 2-1 going to the bottom of the 3rd before Mason Arsenault (3 hits, 4RBI) continued his torrid hitting with his first of 2 triples, this one clearing the loaded bases and giving the Bucs some breathing room.  The Pirates would also get contributions at the dish from Sam Haubrich (hit, RBI) and Kyle Barnum (hit, 2 runs).  The Braves offense was paced by Stephen “The Blur” Mack, who made his way around the bases for a run after hitting a hard ground ball, and Ethan, who ripped a hit and had a run scored.

The story of this game was the strike throwing pitching on both sides, as only 2 walks were issued all game.  For the Pirates, Kyle Barnum started in dominant fashion, dealing 2 2/3 innings and striking out 6.  Seth Skuba would then take over and finish the game with 3 1/3 innings of 9K baseball.  The Braves received a strong outing on the hill from Aiden Buyak.

The Pirates continued to make plays in the field, as Jeff Rosborg had another great play from 2nd base, and Kevin Brown caught 2 popups at 1st base, one a diving effort in foul ground.


Minors: Watkinson School Orioles 15 vs  Construction Solutions Group Mets 11

The Orioles and Mets completed a well played baseball game that went down to the last inning. Leading the orioles with 2 hits apiece were Nolan Wusterbarth and Carter Clayton. Also adding to the win with stellar plays in the filed leading to outs were Rune Moyer and Griffin Reck.

The Mets were lead by Aidan Bailey and Carter Ivens both had great games on the mound both sticking out 50 pitches and a our best number of strikeouts yet!Jacob Giuliano did a great job at catching defense as well.


Minors: Moe's Southwest Grill Twins - 14  Miale Team Royals - 8
The Twins and Royals played a game that would make their MLB teams proud. For the Twins, solid pitching from starter Jacob Boyer, Joelson Krulewitz and Blake Nuemann made for a great night of defense, including incredible fielding by Eden Kessler and some difficult catches by Boyer and Josh Hornstein. Ben Weiler and Sean Scully had key hits and RBIs. Krulewiz had a triple. For the Royals, there was solid hitting from Matthew Stoner, great base running by Tarik Fermin (two runs scored), and a solid pitching debut from Ben Lewis.


AAA - Fierce & Mighty Cardinals 10, Rosenberg Orthodontics 9 - 7 innings

In a dramatic come from behind win,Firece & Mighty Cardinals edged the Rosenberg Orthodontics Marlins 10-9 in 7 innings.

The Cardinals came back from a 9-1 deficit to win in extra innings.Kyle Howe was outstanding in relief only giving up 1 run over the last 4 innings.Offensively, the Cardinals were led by Isiah Torres who was 4-5 and 3 runs scored and the game winning RBI.
Marlins were led by Anthony Heller, who pitched 4 strong innings, giving up 2 runs and striking out 8. Offensively, Sam MacGilpin went 3 for 3 with a single, double, triple, and two runs scored. Owen DiCicco also contributed with an in-the-part-home run.


AAA - Fierce & Mighty Cardinals 17, CT Foot & Ankle Orioles 6

On a cool crisp night at Schechter, the Fierce & Mighty Cardinals got the best of the CT Foot & Ankle Orioles. Isiah Torres got the win by pitching 4 strong innings. He also was 4-5, 2 RBI's and 1 run scored. Kyle Howe 3-5 and scored 5 runs, Luke Hyland 2-5 with 2 runs scored and Matt Sampt 2-4 with 2 runs scored also contributed to the Cardinals win.

For the Orioles, Harris and Spencer Berson and Elliot Shani contributed big putouts in the field,

while Josh Waitsman and Jack Wenz played tough behind the plate.  Will McPherson had a gritty performance on the mound, while Gavin Wiggins and Raphael Fichandler made solid contributions at the plate.

AAA: Primary Eye Care Pirates 21 CT Foot and Ankle Orioles 20

The Pirates win in walk-off fashion on a muggy and lengthy Mothers Day tilt with the Orioles.  The Pirates Mason Arsenault would cap a huge day (3 hits, 3 runs) with a 2-out, bottom of the 6th RBI single to plate the always on-base Ana Haubrich (hit, 2 runs) with the winning run.

This game was a treat for all mothers in attendance, and featured solid Oriole hitting behind Rafael Fichandler (3 hits, 4 runs), Harris Berson (2 hits, 3 runs) and Gavin Wiggin (5 hits, 3 runs).  The Pirates showed their trade mark aggressiveness at the plate, with big contributions from Connor Lafferty (4 hits, 3 runs), Kyle Barnum (3 hits, 3 runs) and Justin Dinowitz (2 hits, 4 runs).

The Orioles made a few sparkling plays in the field, while the Pirates got heads up fielding from Connor Lafferty, converting back-to-back force outs at home from the pitcher spot.  Both Kevin Brown and Kyle Barnum caught 3 frames expertly despite the steamy conditions.

On the mound, the Pirates saw the highly anticipated season debuts of both Ana Haubrich (IP, 2K’s) and Mason Arsenault (IP, 3K’s), while Justin Dinowitz, Connor Lafferty and Kevin Brown combined to sweat through 4 innings, tallying 10 strikeouts along the way.
Minors: Ã¢€‹Solinsky Eye Care Pirates 17 - Harry’s Bishops Corner Rangers  - 9         
The Pirates's starter Aiden Scully pitched three strong innings and added two hits. Julian Gogan, Nick Tomasiewicz, and Charlie Campbell each had a multiple hit game. Paul Glotzer had two hits and 4 RBIs. Anderson McMullon (catching) and Joel Harris (shortstop, third) played strong defensively for the Pirates.  Rangers' starter Rachel Giroux (2 IP) helped herself with two strong plays in the field. The offense was led by Colby Yingling (scored 3 runs) and Jon York (2 runs). Christian Roche had a big night at the plate, and Niko Roche came across to score in the 5th. 


Minors: Watkinson School Orioles 9   Moe's Southwest Grill Twins 8

Leading the charge for the Orioles with strong pitching were Teddy Braiewa and Joe Sabia. The hitting was lead by Alex Yuan with 2 singles and Carter Clayton with a clutch double. Timely defensive plays were made by Bryce Blodgett and Ryan Heuer. For the Twins Joelson Krulewitz, Josh Hornstein and Matthew Connole each had strong innings on the mound, including several strikeouts. Krulewitz, along with Jacob Boyer each had RBI triples, and Copeland Schlatter added some timely hits as well. Nira Kessler made a tremendous fielding play for an out at 3rd base in what was one of the Twins' strongest efforts of the season.

AAA: Butler, Norris & Gold A's - 10 Effie's Place Twins - 8


The A's jumped out to a 9-2 lead in the Top of the 3rd on the strength of timely hitting highlighted by a stand-up Triple by Holden Patrissi. In the field, Sean Gregg made a spectacular diving catch in foul territory to end an early Twins rally & also pitched 3 strong innings. In the field, strong play by A's Jervis Nunez, Jr. & Nick Tagliarini. Twins chipped away with 2 runs in the 3rd, one in the 4th, followed by a strong 3-run rally in the Top of the 6th. However, the A's held them off for the 10-8 victory. 

Minors: Watkinson School Orioles 11, Village Vitality Tigers 7

The Orioles and Tigers played an exciting back and for game on Mother's day. The Orioles were lead by Alexander Yuan and Carter Clayton both ripping key doubles. Also contributing with the bat and on the mound was Bryce Blodgett with 2 singles and a shutout inning. Closing out the game with two shutout innings was closer Ryan Heuer. Leading the way for the Tigers was Shai Sabinski with a key double and Kack o' Neil pitching 2 solid innings.

Minors: Solinsky Eye Care Pirates 18 - Construction Solutions Group, LLC Mets 4
The Pirates were led with strong pitching by Charlie Campbell and Dominic Roussos, each throwing two-innings and each recording fielding assists. Paul Glotzer made his pitching debut to earn the save. Jimmy Malone had his second multiple hit game of the week, while Joel Harris reached base safely in all his at bats and scoring three runs for the Pirates. The Mets were led by Mason Riddle with two ringing doubles. Josh Orsey had two great steals home, while Jonathan Pincus had two great singles beating the throw to first base. James Varellas played well at both pitching and catching. 
AAA: Fierce & Mighty Cardinals 10, Morrow Realty LLC 7

On a beautiful Mother's Day, the Fierce & Mighty Cardinals outlasted the Morrow Realty LLC Angels 10 - 7.

Both teams came out of the gate strong scoring 3 runs in the 1st inning. The Angels posted 4 runs in the top of the 3rd inning to take the lead. The Cardinals battled back with 3 runs and got the inning going with an Isiah Torres solo home run to deep right field. 
The Angels pitched Henry Schlatter, Patrick Kinney with three for three  Ks in the second inning,  Reid Morrow and John Kumpa. 
Lucus Pyrro went three for three on base with a hard hit ball to left field for a triple in the first inning. Patrick Kinney and John Kumpa went three for three on base.
Catcher Harrison Arcand and pitcher Henry Schlatter tagged out James in the first inning on an aggressive steal home.
Sam Kuzia had 3 walks and 3 runs scored for the Cardinals as Matt Roach and Kyle Howe shot down the Angels bats for the 3 scoreless innings to close out the game.


Minors: Solinsky Eye Care Pirates 9 Pediatric Dermatology of New England Phillies 8
Paul Glotzer led the Pirates attack with two hits including the game winning, walk-off single in the bottom of the sixth inning. Anderson McMullon got the rally started with a single, while Jimmy Malone also contributed to the overall effort with two hits. Joe Nathan and David Cohen made their pitching debut for the Pirates. The Phillies were led with a strong defensive effort. Antonio Ortiz closed game and had big assist for a force out at home with the bases loaded in 6th; he followed that with a strikeout. Sophia Cote 2 assists in the field and 2 put outs. Michael Cicchetti had only 2 passed balls get by him in 2 innings catching, including a dive attempt to tag a runner stealing home.  Jordan Frankel and Tommy Cote pitched 4 innings.  
Minors: Village Vitality Tigers 13 Team Mirale Royals 7
Jacob Ciccone pitched a great game for the Tigers, and Jackson Bracken had a clutch hit and 2 RBI's.  Riley Fox also had two hits including a triple. For the Royals, Tighe Johnston pitched well and Daniel Geary had two big hits. 


Minors: Miale Team Royals - 10  Harry's Bishop's Corner Rangers 9


In a Minor League matchup, the Miale Team Royals squeaked by with a 10-9 victory over the Harry's Bishop's Corner Rangers.  Dario Bergantino and Calvin Cianflone pitched well for the Royals, with Daniel Geary and Reid Buchanan supplying some offense.  The Rangers got big hits from Charles Croce and Jon York, while the pitching was led by veterans Even Berey and Rachel Giroux and first-time pitcher Charlie Winokur.


Minor's: Moe's Southwest Grill Twins - 18     Construction Solutions Group, LLC Mets - 14
Strong play across the board from both teams on a hot day. With strong starting pitching from Blake Neumann and closer Jacob Boyer, who had three strikeouts, the Twins showed their strength from the mound. Timely hits and RBIs from Nira Kessler, Josh Hornstein, Joelson Krulewitz and Ben Weiler played a key role in the run support for the Twins. On the Mets side, Aidan Bailey had two runs scored, all on stolen bases, while Noah Macko hit two great singles that created RBIs.
Mason Riddle had solid pitching and some key plays at first base.


Major's: Big Sky Fitness Braves 19, Perfect Promotion White Sox 2

Joe Dooley threw three innings of 1-run ball and Brian Puleo, Alex Ciafone and Spencer Wimpe supplied the relief to lead the Braves at Kennedy Park. Brian Puleo [3-for-3, 3R] Ethan Morren [2-for-3] and Carlos Ruiz [2-for-3] paced the Braves' offense, which also got hits from Dooley, Ciafone, Angel Jaquez, Sam Casey and Luke Dunlap. James Renda [3-for-3] and Sean Guevara [1-for-2, 2B, RBI] led the White Sox offense while Renda [SS] and Matt Nemergut [1B] turned in several web gems.


Major's: Big Sky Fitness Braves 15, World Series Club Marlins 5


Brian Puleo threw two innings of no-hit ball and Spencer Wimpe, Ethan Morren and Angel Jaquez supplied the relief to lead the Braves on Mother's Day. Puleo [2-for-3, 3R] and Wimpe [3-for-4, 3B, 3RBI] paced the Braves' offense, which also got contributions from Joe Dooley [2-for-3], Jaquez [2-for-3], Morren [2-for-3] and Will Schoen [2-for-3]. Max Hassan had a 2-run triple for the Marlins, who also got hits from Dan Monyak, Zach Berkowitz, Jason Vitelli and Patrick Sullivan.

Rookie Waiter Wheels Red Sox 20, Law Office of Peter Casey Braves 20
This was our toughest test of the season.  The Sox had to overcome the unseasonable heat in addition to chasing balls all over the field from the sluggers on the Braves.  Birth certificate requests might be in order.  All seriousness aside, we had strong performances by Lucas Nadeau, Bryce Goldfarb, and Ethan Hollenshed.  We stayed focused and made all the moms in attendance proud on Mother's Day.

Majors - Key Hyundai Cardinals 19, World Series Club Marlins 4
The Key Hyundai Cardinals got off to a quick start and never looked back on a lovely evening at WHLL's Uconn field.  On offense, it was a balanced attack as 10 out of the 11 Cardinal players scored at least 1 run.  Charles Trunik had a double, a RBI, and 2 Runs, Chris Dowd and Noah Behrens-Gould each had a hit and 2 Runs, Lorenzo Garcia had 2 hits and a Run, Brady Dulitsky went 2 for 3 with 2 BB and 3 Runs, and Luis Vargas went 4 for 4 with 5 RBI.  On the hill, Chris Maglio was stellar going 2.2 IP with 0 ER on 0 hits + 4 K's, Michael Weiss hurled 2.1IP with 2 ER & 3 K's, and Noah Behrens-Gould pitched 1 IP with 2ER & 1 K.  Defensively Chris Maglio made 2 excellent putouts on sharp grounders and catcher Brady Dulitsky picked off 2 runners in the 5th inning firing to Charles Trunik at 2B and Chris Dowd at 1B ending a Marlin scoring threat.

The World Series Club Marlins got steady work on the mound by Zach Berkowitz, Ethan Vest, and Jason Vitelli, who all pitched through tough situations.  At the plate, Daniel Monyak ripped a 2 run double.  Bryce Scheidling and Max Hassan also doubled.

Minors - Moe's Southwest Grill Twins 7, Harry's Bishops Corner Rangers 7

The Twins and Rangers played to an exciting 7-7 tie on Monday night. With the winning run for the Rangers at 3rd base, Sean Scully preserved the tie and closed out a solid performance of two-inning pitching with a strikeout. Jacob Boyer started the game with a solid pitching performance, followed by two more strong innings from Joelson Krulewitz. Boyer's two RBIs, along with timely hitting from Josh Hornstein, Copeland Schlatter and Devin Walters-Murphy were also keys on the offensive side. For the Rangers, Christian Roche and Charles Croce had big nights at the plate while Ari Sobel-Pressman scored two runs. The Rangers got strong pitching from Rayyan Haider, Colby Yingling, and closer Jason Pervere.

Majors - Big Sky Fitness Braves 12, CT Shower & Bath Dodgers 6

Angel Jaquez slugged a two-run homer and Spencer Wimpe [2.2IP, 1R, 5K] pitched strong in relief to lead the Braves at Kennedy Park. Jacquez collected two hits as did several teammates: Brian Puleo, Alex Ciafone [2RBI], Ethan Morren and Sam Casey [RBI]. Adding single hits for the Braves [2-2] were Wimpe, Joe Dooley, Luke Dunlap [RBI] and Will Schoen [2B, 2RBI].  The Dodgers got strong pitching from Jack Cote, Patrick Sullivan and Michael Culligan. Brian Brewer [2-for-3, 2B, RBI] and Tommy LaSpada [3-for-3, 2RBI] paced the Dodgers' offense.

Majors Key Hyundai Cardinals 13 Perfect Promotion White Sox 5
The Key Hyundai Cardinals' offense got going early and often as Chris Dowd went 3 for 4 with a RBI and 3 Runs, Chris Maglio went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI, James McPhee went 2 for 4 and a RBI, Brady Dulitsky went 1 for 2 with 3 Runs, and Luis Vargas went an outstanding 4 for 4 hitting for the cycle with a grand slam and 9 RBI!  James McPhee pitched 4 innings with 0 ER and Chris Maglio pitched a scoreless inning.  The Cardinals were equally impressive on defense as James McPhee went up the ladder to snare a liner at 1B, Noah Behrens-Gould made a tremendous running catch in RF, and Luis Vargas started an impressive double play catching a fly ball in CF and firing home to Brady Dulitsky for the final out of the inning.

The Perfect Promotion White Sox had 2 defensive gems: an all out diving catch by James Renda in CF to end the 3rd inn. and a double play in the 5th---grounder to Sean Guevara at SS who fired home to Drew Taylor who applied the tag cutting down a runner at the plate and then fired back to Sean covering 2b for the tag and double play. The Sox showed big heart in the 6th scoring bringing 10 batters to the plate, scoring 5 runs with key hits by Cayden Goldberg, Drew Taylor, Ryan Lafferty and Calvin Feulner.

AAA Primary Eye Care Pirates 20, Rosenberg Orthodontics Marlins 17

The Pirates prevail on a late field goal to top the Marlins in a 20-17 shootout.  The game was a see-saw affair with the lead changing hands seemingly with every half inning, but the Pirates would hold on in the bottom of the 6th to eek out a victory. The Marlins were attacking the ball on offense, led by Michael Harrington and Nate Simmons, who both collected resounding hits.  Meanwhile, the Pirates had their best team hitting game yet, led by Ana Haubrich (3 hits, 3 runs), Mason Arsenault (3 doubles, 3 RBI), Justin Dinowitz (2 hits, run) and Kevin Brown (2 hits, 3 runs). The Pirates had another team effort on pitching, as Seth Skuba dealt the 1st 2 frames (5 K’s), followed by Kevin Brown holding the lead (2 1/3, 4K’s), and then Connor Lafferty closed the door as nighttime fell (1 2/3, 3K’s).  The Marlins were led on the hill by a strong start from Anthony Heller, who shook off an early injury to pitch solidly into the 3rd. In the field, the Marlins got sparking plays behind the plate, as Owen DiCicco caught 3 innings and nailed a runner trying to steal 3rd, and Ben Lemieux was a wall behind the plate, blocking pitches at will.  For the Pirates, Sam Haubrich continued her popup catching streak, Jeff Rosborg make a key out in the 6th from 2nd base, and Connor Lafferty and Kyle Barnum teamed up  on a “always back up 3rd on a steal” left field-to- catcher gem to retire a runner trying to score.

AAA - Effie's Place Twins 16, Morrow Realty, LLC Angels 6
On an absolutely gorgeous day for baseball on Sunday, May 3rd, the 1-1 AAA Effie's Place Twins and 1-1 AAA Morrow Realty, LLC Angels squared off at 12:30 at Schechter Field.

Jadon Johanson pitching for the Twins and Henry Schlatter pitching for the Angels kept this game very close at 2-1 Angels through 2 innings.  Notably in the top half of the first inning, the Angels Harrison Arcand at third base fielded a very diffult, hard grounder off the bat of Ethan Campbell to get a force out at third and end a Twins early threat.  In the top of the third the Twins added three runs with a singles from Seamus Culligan, Henry O'Connor and Jacob Giangreco - all three scored to help the Twins take a 4-2 lead.  With Ethan Campbell making his first appearance on the mound for the Twins in the third, the Angels came right back with a John Kumpa single, stolen base followed by Reid Morrow being hit by a pitch and later coming around to score to make it 4-4 after three innings.  Ethan pitched very well this inning and registered two of the three outs.  The Twins added four more in the top of the 4th with the help of a Quinn Navin single, Jadon Johanson single, Ryan Norcia sacrifice (RBI), Seamus Culligan walk and an inside the park home run by Henry O'Connor.  In this same inning, John Kumpa fielded a hard hit ground ball off the bat of Ryan Norcia and threw to Patric Kinney at first to get an important out in the inning.  The Twins added another run in the 5th and six more runs in the 6th to make it 16-4.  John Kumpa of the Twins made a solid play on a ground ball from the speedy Spelman Henry for the second out in the 6th.  Carter Reck, pitching in the 6th inning brougt in the final out to close out the Twins 6th inning.  Jacob Giangreco came in for the Twins to pitch the 4th, 5th and 6th innings and allowed just two hits, two runs and registered 4Ks to help the Twins go to 2-1 on the season.
Angels pitchers Henry Schlatter, Patric Kinney, John Kumpa, Laitham Arias, Elliott Steinberg and Carter Reck registered a combined 13Ks.  Reid Morrow reached base twice and scored two of the Angels six runs.

Twins pitchers Jadon Johanson, Ethan Campbell and Jacob Giangreco registered a combined 5Ks.  Spelman Henry reached base four times and scored one run.  William Patchen had a single, triple, stolen based and run scored.  Quinn Navin had a pair of singles and two runs scored.  Ethan Campbell had a single and run scored.  Jadon Johanson had a pair of singles and two runs scored.  Walker Avery had a walk, single and two runs scored.  Ryan Norcia had an RBI and made a great catch in center field.  Seamus Culligan had two singles, a walk, two stolen bases and three runs scored.  Henry O'Connor had a single and an inside the park home run.  Jacob Giangreco had a single, two walks, RBI, stolen base and run scored.  George Verner made a great force out at second base to help stop an early Angels rally.  Max Riker reached on walk in the top of the first inning and made a great catch in right field off a hard line drive by Angels power hitter, Lucas Pyro.  Brendan Panarella reached second base in the third inning and made a nice play at third base in the third inning.  With an Angels runner attempting to steal second base in the bottom of the 5th inning, catcher Quinn Navin fired the ball down to short stop Henry O'Connor to get the runner out.

The Twins players and coaches want to thank the Twins parents, Angels players, Angles coaches and Angels players for a great game filled with fun.  The two teams will square off again on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th, at 12:30 when the Angels visit the Twins at Uconn.

Majors - Big Sky Fitness Braves 15, bartaco of West Hartford Twins 10
Joe Dooley pitch four strong innings [2H, 2R, 6K, 0BB] and added two hits to lead the to their first win. Spencer Wimpe [2B, 2RBI], Alex Ciafone [2RBI] and Angel Jaquez [2B, 3RBI] all had three hits for the Braves [1-2]. Ethan Morren [2RBI] had two hits pitched a scoreless 6th to get the save. Adding single hits for the Braves were Brian Puleo [2B, RBI], Will Schoen [2B, 2 RBI], Sam Casey and Carlos Ruiz.  The Twins were led by Josh Castro [2-for-4, 3 RBI, 2R]; Brendan Marshall [2-for-3, 2RBI, 2R] and Chris Trahiotis [3-for-3, RBI, R].

AAA Primary Eye Care Pirates 10, Fierce and Mighty Cardinals 9

The Pirates edged the Cardinals 10-9 on a gorgeous night at UCONN, in a game that can only be summed up by one word: Awesome. The Cards bats were hot all night, as Sam Kuzia (double, run) and James Asadow (single, 2 runs) led the Cards to a 7-3 lead heading to the 6th.  The visiting Pirates staged a frenetic rally in the top half, plating 7 runs behind Kyle Barnum (2 hits, 2 runs), Mason Arsenault (2 hits, 2 runs) and Slammin’ Samuel Bromberg (hit, RBI).  The Pirates now clung to a 10-7 lead heading to the bottom of the 6th.  The Cards proved to be both fierce and mighty, roaring back with 2 quick runs to put the pressure on.  The Cards would get the tying run on 3rd with no one out, but fireman Connor Lafferty came in and would strike out the next 2 batters.  On his last pitch of the night, Lafferty would alertly cover home on a wild pitch, take the toss from hustling catcher Kyle Barnum and place a tag down to get the final out and win the game for the Bucs. The Cardinals were led on the mound by Kyle Howe, who threw three dominating innings in which he struck out 8.  The Pirates got 14 strikeouts from their pitching rotation of Justin Dinowitz (2IP, 6Ks), Kyle Barnum (1 2/3, 5 K’s), Seth Skuba (1 1/3, K) and Connor Lafferty (IP, 2K’s). Defensively the 2 web gem nominees were both great popup catches at second base, one by the Cardinals Max Debin and the other by the Pirates Sam Haubrich.

Minors - The Miale Team Royals 22, Construction Solutions Group Mets 4
The Miale Team Royals achieved their first win of the season on Sunday with a solid overall team effort.  Matt Stoner, Dario Bergantino and Ben Gwiazdoski came up with big hits, while Reid Buchanan, Calvin Cianflone and Tighe Johnston did some stellar mound work.  Defensively, Ben Lewis came up with a key play at second base.  For the Construction Solutions Group Mets, Aidan Bailey had two hits, Connor Schiending pitched very well and Carter Ivens made some nice defensive stops.

Rookie -  Waiterwheels.com Red Sox 7 - Sanborn Mortgage Corporation Mets 7
The defensive skills were much improved in this low-scoring matchup.  The pizza slice strategy kept most of the Red Sox players in their respective areas and there was much less chaos.  All players bought into this approach, spearheaded by Rowan Hamed, Finn Harrington, and Jackson Landini.  The sky is the limit for this squad.

Majors – CT Shower & Bath Dodgers 10, Wyllys St. John's Lodge #4 A’s 7 

The CT Shower & Bath survived a furious sixth inning rally from the Wyllys St. John’s Lodge #4 A’s to pull out a 10-7 victory at UConn.  A’s pitchers Jackson Morehardt, Max Rodman, Nick Udell, and Aaron Goldstein were effective from the mound for the A’s. The Dodgers received another solid pitching effort from Conlan Wilson, Jack “Nails” Navin, and Michael Culligan. Brian Brewer played well in the outfield and was effective behind the plate. Navin saw his first relief appearance on the mound, and also converted an unassisted double play from shortstop. Jack Cote made a great hustle play to catch a foul fly ball in the bottom of the sixth inning.  The A’s saw made some nice plays in the field, led by Aaron Goldstein and a double play turned by Max Rodman. With the Dodgers leading 7-3 in the top of the sixth, Tommy LaSpada hit a 3-run triple before the A’s launched a 4-run rally in the bottom of the inning, with contributions from Aaron Goldstein, Abe Dunn, Max Rodman, Nick Udell (a bases clearing blast to the fence) and Evan Roy. Overall, a fun and well-played game by both squads.

Minors - Moe’s Southwest Grill Twins 10, Solinsky Eye Care Pirates 8
The Twins and Pirates played right down to the wire Sunday evening with the Twins taking the lead for good in the sixth inning. The Pirates held the edge early on with strong pitching by Charlie Campbell and Aiden Scully and a key 2-run double by Nick Tomasiewicz. Anthony Mckeown and Paul Glotzer contributed solid defense for the Pirates. The Twins had a great pitching effort on Sunday night.  Copeland Schlatter threw three innings of near-flawless ball, while Josh Hornstein served as middle relief with a strong effort and a few strikeouts. Blake Neumann pitched the 6th inning and closed it out with a gutsy performance. The Twins also received some timely hitting in key spots from Copeland Schlatter, Sean Scully, Jacob Boyer, Josh Hornstein and Devin Walters-Murphy.  

Minors - Harry's Bishop's Corner Rangers 19, Construction Solutions Group, LLC Mets 9
With a strong offense, every Ranger scored including Connor Murphy, Niko Roche, and Charlie Winokur. Up with the bases loaded in the fourth, Rayyan Haider hit a triple to CF. The Rangers relied on strong pitching from Rachel Giroux, Ari Sobel-Pressman,and Colby Yingling. For the Mets, Carter Ivens had a solid game in the field and Owen Murphy did great hitting at the plate. Jacob Giuliano did well both fielding and hitting.

AAA Rosenberg Orthodontics Marlins 22, CT Foot and Ankle Orioles 11
The Marlins out slugged the Orioles in a four inning, darkness shortened game on Thursday.  The Marlins spread seventeen hits over four innings, including two hits each by Nate Simmons, Cameron Hoskins, and Ben McIlhoney.  Jack Wenz stood out for Orioles, coming back into the lineup after an injury to single and score a run.  Josh Waitsman had a nice defensive game behind the plate.

Minors - Watkinson School Orioles 13, The Keller Williams Royals 12
 In a stellar game of back and forth the Orioles were lead by Griffin Reck,Carter Clayton and Raphael Alfonso with 2 hits apiece. Leading the defensive effort with fantastic plays were Teddy Braiewa and Rune Moyer. The Royals were lead by Gavin Barbagallo's huge bases loaded single, Ryan Mialle's great defensive stops and Reid Buchanan steading pitching.

AAA - Effie's Place Twins 9 TOPS, PC Braves 5
On a beautiful spring day for baseball that suddenly turned cooler by the 2nd inning, the AAA Effie's Place Twins and AAA TOPS, PC Braves squared off at UConn each seeking their first win of the young 2015 Little League season.   The Braves took a 1-0 lead in the top of the second and made it 2-0 in the top of the third.  The Twins threatened in both the 1st and 2nd innings with runners in scoring positions in both innings, but couldn't bring anyone across the plate.  The Twins inched closer in the bottom of the third inning to make it 2-1.  The Braves collected 10 strike outs against the Twins and made some outstanding plays in the field.  Solid pitching by both clubs kept this game very close until the bottom of the 4th when the Twins got their bats rolling and used their speed on the bases.  Spelman Henry had a single and an RBI, Max Riker had a double and 2 RBIs,  George Verner had a single and 2 RBIs, Seamum Culligan had a single and two runs scored, and Henry O'Connor, Brendan Panarella and Ethan Campbell each reached base twice to lead the Twins offensive attack.  The Twins got solid pictching from Seamus Culligan, Quinn Navin, William Patchen and Ryan Nocia along with solid catching from Quinn Navin, Henry O'Connor, Jacob Giangreco and Jadon Johanson.   In the field, the Twins had great plays made by Walker Avery, Ryan Norcia and many others to help the Twins get in the win column for the first time this year.  The Twins want to thank the Braves players, coaches and fans for a game filled with a great deal of good sportsmanship.  The two teams will meet again in May in what sets up to be a great rematch.

Majors - Qdoba Mexican Grill Rangers 6 Big Sky Fitness Braves 3
Rangers: Cole Kocienda 5 IP, 11 K; Justin Albee 2-3, double, single; Andrew Messina, BB, stolen base.
Braves: Spencer Wimpe 2-3, double, single; Alex Ciafone 1-2, single; Brian Puleo 1-3, single.

Majors - Qdoba Mexican Grill Rangers 8 Key Hyundai Cardinals 6
Rangers: Carter O’Keefe 2-3, double, single; Ben Brockway 2-3, 2 singles; Justin Albee 1-3, double.
Cardinals: Luis Vargas 2-3, HR, double; Chris Maglio 2-3, double, single.

Rookie - Waiterwheels.com Red Sox 19, Mooyah Burgers Fries & Shakes A's 19
Our first game of the year was a success, as all players made it past the playscape to the actual field (and stayed on the field the whole time).  The Red Sox bats were on fire, led by Ryan Cooney, Marco Ciccolini, and Nicholas Humiston.  All in all, I'm proud of how well we played together as a cohesive unit.  Maybe too cohesive as we all go after every ball.

AAA - Primary Eye Care Pirates 10, Morrow Realty LLC Angels 7

On a beautiful night for baseball, the Pirates edged the Angels before a standing room only crowd at UCONN.  The Pirates jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the top of the 1st, and starting pitcher Connor Lafferty (2IP, 4K’s) kept the Pirates in the lead through 2.  In the top of the 3rd the Pirates would put up a 4 spot, only to have the Angels storm back with 5 runs in the bottom of the frame.  The Angels got huge hits from John Kumpa (inside the park home run), Patrick Kinney (2 hits, 2 runs) and Harrison Arcand (triple).  With the game now tied, the Pirates offense turned to the Flash Brothers, as Kyle Barnum (2 hits, 4 runs) and Lafferty (2 hits, 3 runs) would score the last 4 runs for the Pirates, using their Usain Bolt-like speed to create opportunities on the bases.  Seth Skuba then took over on the mound for the Pirates, dealing the last 3 innings, allowing only 1 run and striking out 5. For the Angels on the hill, it was  a true team effort, as Nathan Moyer, Laitham Arias, Reid Morrow, and Lucus Pyrro combined to strike out 13 Pirates. Defensively both sides put up highlight reel worthy plays, with the Angels getting 2 heads up tag outs in the field, courtesy of Nathan Moyer and John Kumpa.  The Pirates saw 2 strong plays from second base (Jeff Rosborg and Ana Haubrich), while Justin Dinowitz and Seth Skuba teamed up to perfectly execute a cut-off and run-down play to get a tag out of a runner between second and third.

AAA - Primary Eye Care Pirates 11, Butler, Norris and Gold A’s 9

On a gorgeous opening day at UCONN, the Pirates and A’s played a competitive and back-and-forth game to kick off the AAA season, with the Pirates winning by two runs. For the Pirates, Kyle Barnum started the season in dominating fashion on the mound (2 IP, 3K), helping stake his team to a 2-1 lead after 2 innings.  In the 3rd, the Pirates would erupt for 6 runs, led by Mason Arsenault (2 doubles), Ana Haubrich (1b, 2b, 3 runs) and Seth Skuba (2 hits, 2 runs).  The A’s would fight back with 5 of their own in the 4th, led by Jack Gold (2 hits) and Carter Morton (2 hits, walk).  The Pirates added three insurance runs and that was all closer Seth Skuba needed (2 IP, K). For the A’s, Carter Morton and Simon Rosenberg split the pitching duties, collectively fanning 9 Pirates hitters.    The Pirates supported their pitchers with multiple web gems, led by Timmy Mielcarek making a great catch of a line drive in left field to end a rally in the 2nd, and Barnum and Arsenault teaming up for a catcher to 3rd baseman rundown out in the 6th.

Majors – CT Shower & Bath Dodgers 5, Perfect Promotion White Sox 4
The CT Shower & Bath Dodgers rallied late to down the Perfect Promotion White Sox 5-4 on Opening Day at UConn. The White Sox jumped out to a quick 1-0 lead as leadoff hitter Sean Guevara hit a solo home run off the old snack shack in left field on the second pitch of the game. The White Sox extended their lead to 4-0 on key hits from Matt Nemergut and Ryan Lafferty before the Dodgers rallied to tie it at 4-4 in the fourth. Calvin Feulner played well defensively for the White Sox. Conlan Wilson and Jack Cote anchored the Dodgers’ rotation and Tommy LaSpada hit an RBI single with two out in the top of the 5th inning to score Cote and put the Dodgers up 5-4. Jack “Nails” Navin played well and caught the final out of the game.

Rookie - Giants v. Rookie Mariners
Giants arrived full of great enthusiasm for their first game on Opening Day against the Mariners. Saw some great play and hustle in the field from Abby Jarrett and Cameron Nadeau, diving on the ball as soon as it came their way! A true rookie, in age and experience, Brendan Goldschmidt showed true perseverance at the tee, notching up his first career hits!  Two "giants" at the plate, James Freeman and Jimmy Rose, hit 'em where they ain't on Sunday. Looking for great things from all our Giants this season.