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Postion Name Email
President Jeff Cianflone cianflone@hotmail.com
Vice President Jon Coss jon.coss@gmail.com
Treasurer Mark Baral baraltaxaccounting@comcast.net
Director of Sponsorship Monica Gold monicaandlee@icloud.com
Director of Fundraising    
Director of Scheduling Chris Nelson sporto219@hotmail.com
Division Director, Majors Dan LaBreck dan.labreck@dcsg.com
Division Director, AAA Evan Gilchrest evan.gilchrest@gmail.com
Division Director, Minors    
Division Director, Instructional Tim Tofil and Chris Cykley trtofil@gmail.com: chriscykley@msn.com
Division Director, Rookie Jeff Schaible jeff.schaible@gmail.com
Director of Player Development Jon Coss and Scott Sharlow jon.coss@gmail.com and sharlow.scott@gmail.com
Director of Coaching Dan LaBreck Dan.LaBreck@dcsg.com
Director of District Baseball Dan Weiss mudville9@aol.com
Director of Travel Baseball Chelsea Turner turnerwills@icloud,com
Director of Fall Ball    
Director of WHLL fields Mike Lage michael_f_lage@sbcglobal.net
Director of Umpires Dave Goldberg davidrgoldberg@comcast.net
Director of Field Management Mike Stockman jmstockman@comcast.net
Director of Website Danielle Weiss daniellefweiss@gmail.com
Director of Equipment and Supplies Scott MacGilpin scottmacgilpin@comcast.net
Director of Uniforms Chelsea Turner turnerwills@icloud,com
Director of Concession Stand Laurel Buchanon aurelbuchanan@yahoo.com
Safety Officer Dr. Scott Kallor sk@pediatricpartnersct.com
Player Agent Scott Franklin sbf@franklinlaw.net
Director Challenger Division Ronit Shoham shokids@hotmail.com
Director Challenger Division Scott Franklin sbf@franklinlaw.net
Administrative Assistant Danielle Weiss daniellefweiss@gmail.com
Executive Board Members    
President Jeff Cianflone cianflone@hotmail.com
Founder, Emiritus Scott Franklin sbf@franklinlaw.net
Founder, Emiritus Ronit Shoham shokids@hotmail.com
Founder, Emiritus Mark Baral baraltaxaccounting@comcast.net
President, 2002-2005 Scott Franklin sbf@franklinlaw.net
President, 2005-2007 Mike Michaud mikemlct@comcast.net
President, 2007-2010 Brian Lee leefive@sbcgloabal.net
President, 2010-2013 Gary Druckinmiller garydruckenmille@gmail.com
President, 2013-2015 Brian Coco jbcoco@sbcglobal.net
President, 2015-2018 Joe Giangreco jgiangreco@comcast.net







































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