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West Hartford, CT
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Jeff Cianflone - WHLL President
Jeff has been a resident of West Hartford since 1999 and an engaged member of West Hartford Little League since 2011.  Having fond memories of playing in Newington Little League as a boy, he knew he wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps and be a Little League coach for his own sons.  He began his coaching career in West Hartford Girls Softball League, where he coached his daughter, Julia.  He has since coached his sons, Calvin (now 12) and Desmond (7), across all divisions of West Hartford Little League, including summer District All-Stars and Fall Ball.  In addition to coaching, Jeff has served as a Division Director, Fundraising Chairperson, and Vice President for WHLL.
Jeff's love for baseball is matched by the enjoyment he gets out of working with young people.  From his college summer job as a camp counselor to his career as a high school English teacher, Jeff has always fed off of the energy and excitement of kids.  While he loves teaching fundamental baseball skills and sharing his knowledge of the game of baseball, Jeff is well aware that the most valuable aspects of Little League go beyond the field, for the true Little League experience entails the life lessons imparted, the friendships formed, and the memories made.
Jeff is proud and thankful to be a part of the West Hartford Little League Team, which includes the league founders, the past presidents, the board members, and all of the WHLL families.